A heart matter: A new roof for the chapel!

Renovating the chapel is a matter of the heart for Gomde.

The over hundred years old chapel that is a part of “Gut zu Rathes” from which in the last twenty years Gomde originated, is currently getting a new roof! The chapel has been and still is a place of refuge for people from the surrounding area to practice the Christian faith, say a prayer, or light a candle. It is therefore very important for us to take care of and cherish this place because, as our founder Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche always emphasizes, “Every religion, every faith is precious, and honest respect towards each other is essential.”

Even during the purchase of the property in 2004, the chapel was one of the first construction sites at Gomde. The windows were renewed with beautiful, custom-made lead glass – the motif was the wheel (of Gut zu Rath) which represents the cycle of life and death, and the “endless knot” as a symbol of the infinite connection of all beings was incorporated. The floor was also renewed, the interior and exterior walls were painted, and a beautiful chapel garden was created.

This year, the chapel is getting another thorough renovation – especially a new roof! There is a lot of work behind it: Scaffolding was erected, the old shingles were removed and disposed of. Then the roof covering was removed to get a good look at the roof structure. The beautiful (but unfortunately harmful to the roof) vines had to be removed as well. Many diligent hands were put to work!

For quite some time, we have been searching for a suitable company that can restore the roof with larch shingles, just like the original. Since yesterday, we are working together with Holzbau Bammer to install the new roof! We will also help the floors and walls regain their former glory and thus offer a beautiful room for inner reflection for all those who want to use it.

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