Dharma Stays

There is the possibility to experience the daily practice in Gomde and to use Gomde for inner reflection. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the atmosphere of the practice or to participate in the practice. You can stay in Gomde for a few weeks or just a few days, depending on your time and desire. You will be accommodated in comfortable single rooms with attached bathroom and can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Gomde – the forest, the gardens, the pond and especially the power of the practice in the group.

Program and Schedule

We welcome all who take advantage of this blessed place for their practice. In the morning, the short daily practice from the Thugdrub Barche Künsel is practiced and a Sangh smoke offering is made. In the late afternoon we practice Vajrakilaya and the Dharma Protectors.

On Monday, the weekly open Monday meditation with Lama Thierry is offered.

On the Dakini and Guru Rinpoche days of the Tibetan calendar we practice Tsok.

Often there are smaller spontaneous teaching sessions, question and answer sessions or other dharma related activity that you can spontaneously join.
There is always the possibility to arrange talks with Lama Thierry to clarify questions about the practice.

The schedule of the daily practice in Gomde looks like this:


Consice daily practice and sangh





12:00 - 17:00

Time to meditate by yourself, read, take a walk or a swim, or ask for private Q&A with a Lama


Vajrakilaya and the Dharma Protectors

19:00 (Mon)

Meditation with Lama Thierry

19:00 (Tues)

Tonglen Meditation with Lama Thierry

Karma Yoga

Become part of Gomde and learn to integrate Dharma practice into your daily life! Through short tasks, such as helping in the garden or cleaning the common rooms, you can practice mindful work and quickly socialize with other people in Gomde.

We ask that you support Gomde with a donation for your accommodation, food and program.

To cover the fixed costs, a contribution of 75 Euros per day would be helpful.

If you want to give more, you will enable others who can give less to stay and Gomde to continue and develop.

If you can give less, please mention it in the registration form.

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