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Due to current circumstance

“All gatherings are entirely banned. No more than 5 people should meet at once.”
Federal Government Decree of 03/15/2020

At a crisis summit in the federal chancellery, all state-recognized churches and religious societies agreed that all spiritual events and celebrations should be suspended immediately. This agreement is valid for the next few weeks and will be updated according to the development of the current corona pandemic.
Therefore, all events in Gomde have been postponed until further notice.
We practice in retreat and can be reached by phone and E-Mail if you need our help: 0660 2312032 and


At Gomde you can unfold your inner potential of compassion and wisdom.

At Rangjung Yeshe Gomde you can learn and practice authentic Tibetan Buddhism and meditation. Our seminar program offers many possibilities for both experienced, practicing Buddhists, as well as beginners and interested people. more

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At Gomde we want to create a space in which everyone can be themselves, connect and contribute happily. People from all over the world can devote themselves to the study, contemplation and practice of Dharma.

Gomde comes to life from the fact that people contribute with dedication and confidence in the Buddhist teaching, each according to their capabilities and for the good of all.



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