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Pure Inspiration

practice and daily life with our nuns

Since the end of July, Ani Kunga, Ani Tsogyal, Ani Tashi and Ani Lekshy have been gracing us with their presence; and since the first day, they have filled Gomde with their indescribable energy, which has left no one untouched. Be it while leading daily practice, during the seminars or in our daily activities, in each of their acts they effortlessly demonstrate the application and benefits of the Dharma.

They are open to any question, and, among other things, they have gradually taught us how to handle and play the musical instruments used in rituals; so we will soon be able to hold every daily practice authentically with a drum, shell and/or gyaling.

Especially nice were the three weekends when we could practice chö with them. Though playing the bell and drum looks easy, it actually requires a lot of practice to master. For four hours a day, the Nagi nuns would sit down with us and patiently encourage us in the learning process. At the end of each day we practiced the sadhana together.

We hope to soon receive an empowerment and reading transmission for the chö practice so that we can fully learn this practice. We have already prepared by learning the melodies and how to use the drums and bells.

During the week, the nuns recite the Kangyur four hours each day with unparalleled enthusiasm. They have completed the Prajnaparamita and have now begun to recite further volumes. "This is our gift that we can give to Gomde, so that a temple and a university can emerge here."

The time with the nuns has already taught us so much. It is such a great honor. Particularly striking is their discipline. Every puja starts on time, and is practiced with full dedication and concentration. Even if the nuns are not feeling well, they keep their practice routine without exception and with joy.

At the same time, each of them, in her own way, embodies the freedom and natural ease that comes from Dharma practice.

We are so incredibly happy and grateful to have these great role models here in Gomde!

Fall goodies

Nature gave us a rich bounty this year.

The branches of almost all the trees were bent under the weight of cider pears, apples, plums, and elderberries. Neighboring friends, such as the pond builder Sigi, offered us their apples and plums, so we spent a lot of time in the sun, picking fruit from the trees and gathering them from the ground.

The effort was more than worthwhile: 190 liters of sweet cider, countless jars of jam, delicious chutney, vitamin C-rich elderberry juice and all kinds of cake were lovingly made here at Gomde.

You can discover how good they taste at our seminars and for a donation you can pick up a few samples at the Ratna shop to take home with you or give as gifts.

The love and energy of Gomde in a glass--a pleasure on all levels!

Rinpoche explaining the healing powers of Gomde

During this years summer seminar teachings Rinpoche pointed out the healing qualities of Gomde several times. Take a look at this video to see why and how Gomde´s beauty is so deeply transforming. 

Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche on a walk around Gomde

On his last day in Gomde, after this year´s summer seminar, Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche could not resist to talk a walk around Gomde to enjoy and point out the beauty of it.