Nature & Surroundings

Nature has been an important part of Gomde from the beginning. Around the renovated square farm are about 3.5 acres of meadows and forest. There is a Bodhi Path, where the Bodhi Forest can be discovered, and a Bodhi Pond, which supports meditation and contemplation and also functions as a swimming pond and biotope. We also grow our own vegetables on about 400 m2 of fields.

Wisdom Garden

As you enter the Gomde grounds from the forest side, the wonderful wisdom garden will immediately catch your eye. The beautiful design has an original Nepalese stone stupa at its center, which symbolizes the enlightened mind of all the Buddhas, which is also the innate potential of all beings. A traditional Nepalese stone water spout faces a small elongated pond which leads towards the house and holds gorgeous pink and white lotus flowers. The stupa itself is surrounded by gorgeous bushes and flowers which bloom at different times throughout the warmer times of the year and therefore let the Wisdom Garden appear in many different beautiful ways throughout the year. There is a stone path around the wisdom garden, where one can practice walking meditation.

As the wisdom garden is immensely uplifting and bringing joy to one’s heart, it has become a well-loved spot to take wedding photos, to meet friends, and to get inspired for introspection and serenity.

Bodhi Pond

Protected by the forest, surrounded by meadows and fruit trees, lays Gomde’s charming Bodhi-Pond. It is a biotope fed by the natural springs in the mountain behind Gomde. While the larger side is used for swimming, the other side has lovely lotus flowers and other pond plants with help to balance the ecosystem. Surrounding the pond is a lovely wooden patio and lounge chairs which are used for Monday Meditation (if the weather allows), individual meditation and relaxation.

Rinpoche has commented on the healing propensities of this wonderful pond, both for body and mind.

“Trees, flowers, green grass, water – this combination, even if we just look, heals our stress, worries and anxiety. It brings mental peace, tranquility, lightness. On top of that, we feel wiser. It has so much power.”

– Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche

Vegetable Garden

The Gomde team lovingly takes care of its vegetable garden which consists of a vegetable dome, vegetable and flower fields, as well as a chili field. Our aim is to be more environmentally friendly by growing our own vegetables and to provide healthy food for our guests and residents. At the same time, gardening is a wonderful activity to practice mindfulness, to fully relax, to feel the healing energy of nature, to develop closer friendships, and to feel more grounded and content.


We invite you to explore our forest. 
There you will find peace, inspiration, and places for introspection. Here is a spontaneous poem from a guest who fell in love with the path:

In the silence of the forest
I meet my innermost
Step by step

Golden sunbeams shine through the leaves
Healing herbal scent surrounds me
Step by step

A welcoming bench invites
meditation, reflection and mindfulness
Step by step

 Nearby Attractions

Gomde is located in the beautiful Salzkammergut, more specifically in the beautiful Almtal. The romantic Gmunden am Traunsee is 20 minutes drive away, but larger cities such as Wels, Linz, Salzburg or Vienna can easily be reached by train or car.

The region surrounding of Gomde offers a variety of opportunities to spend a wonderful day out in the fresh air, whether swimming in one of the many lakes, a hike on the nearby mountains or just a walk in the adjacent forest. We have everything a nature lover could ask for