Cake or chocolate is always welcome, but if you want to bring something else, you can write us an email and ask what Gomde might need. 

Mostly, you will meet kind people who visit Gomde for the same reasons as you.

There might be monks, nuns and Buddhist teachers who are visiting Gomde and are sharing their knowledge and experience during the seminars.

There as also many volunteers who donate their time and energy to help Gomde with whatever is needed. Some of them have been at Gomde for only a few days, while others have been involved since the beginning.

During weekend seminars with our lamas, simple single and double rooms are usually available. Most beds in Gomde are in simple dormitories. Most of the rooms have attached bathrooms, while people staying in dorms use shared showers and toilets. For large seminars with our Rinpoches, we ask for your understanding that rooms cannot be booked.

You don‘t need any experience in Buddhism to visit Gomde. If you want to get a taste of Buddhism and meditation, you can come to the weekly Monday meditation, or attend an introductory seminar. If you come for a seminar, the seminar description will indicate if it is suitable for people without previous meditation experience.

Yes, of course. Also, nobody will force you to become Buddhist here.

Gomde‘s full name is “Rangjung Yeshe Gomde”, which means “place of becoming familiar with naturally arisen wakefulness”. More generally, Gomde means “place of practice”.

Since there might be ordained people at Gomde, we ask you not to walk around in swimwear or underwear. In the meditation hall, it would be respectful to wear clothing which covers your shoulders and knees. 

We only have very limited facilities for dog-owners, so if you want to take your dog with you while staying at Gomde, please let us know. 

There are many ways of getting to Gomde by train, car or plane. Please refer to the “Getting here” section of the Venue & Facilities page.

Yes. Please let us know in advance of your arrival, so that we can pick you up from Viechtwang station. Note that there is a small charge for pickup.

For short stays we provide bed linen and towels. During our larger seminars – such as the annual summer seminar – we ask that you bring your own bed linen or sleeping bag and towels. For moving around in the house, it would be ideal to bring house shoes. Please also bring whatever shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush, and other toiletries you need. If you have any special dietary requirements (such as gluten-free bread or lactose-free milk), please bring any special foodstuffs you may require.

Gomde is a place of practice, similar to a monastery. However, at Gomde, you can also practice calmness, compassion and wisdom in our café/lounge and lying by the pond. Also, most people here are not monks or nuns. You also don’t have to join the practice sessions or get up early in the morning (although you can if you want). Gomde is an open place which accommodates a lot of different people. 

Yes. For the big seminars, Gomde offers basic childcare. During smaller seminars, please take care of your children yourself. Make sure they don’t get bored while you are enjoying the seminar. Please also make sure that your children don‘t swim in the pond unattended. Parents have full responsibility for their children.

Yes. There is an elevator in the house and you can also reach most rooms by wheelchair.

Yes. There is always a selection of vegetarian and vegan food available.