Looking back on a wonderful summer with Rinpoche

This summer Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche traveled to Europe for the first time in two years. Eagerly awaited, Rinpoche visited Gomde Austria, Gomde UK and Gomde Pyrenées. All three seminars were a great success with hundreds of students gathered from all around the globe to receive Rinpoche’s profound Dharma Instructions. Everyone was utterly happy and excited to see Rinpoche again and likewise their Sangha brothers and sisters. The gatherings were suffused by feelings of joy and harmony.

While at Gomde Austria, Rinpoche also took important steps to make his vision for the “Buddhist University Austria” become a reality. Rinpoche appointed his student, Dr. Andreas Doctor, to lead the project and a dedicated team of scholars, practitioners, and professionals have already begun work on this exciting project.

Rinpoche also met the president of the Austrian Buddhist Religious Community, Gerhard Weissgrab. The two had a heart-to-heart meeting and Mr. Weissgrab assured the project of his full support. Rinpoche also met with several other public decision makers and held a series of important planning discussions with the team on site.

We are all full of joy and enthusiasm to establish this important educational institution in the heart of Europe and thus create a dynamic meeting place for Science and Buddhism.

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