Tashi G'Fü

TASHI G’FÜ combines diversity with sensitivity. In an increasingly networked and globalized world, interculturality is becoming ever more important: a project that formally combines Austrian tradition with Tibetan Buddhism and aims to create a space for encounters. Built from local rammed earth and wood.


Developed and implemented under the Directed by Clemens Plank and Miro Roman and Elias Brunmayr with the students Angela Ballheimer, Beyza Aksoy, Carlo Spadaro, Cora Nill, Elias Brunmayr, Felix Murken, Filip Bernát, Finn Rothmann, Jonas Rachbauer, Julia Gasse, Leonard Bies, Lilly Schneider, Luis Meyer, Mara Ruperti, Maximilian v. Strachwitz, Pia Miedtke, Rosanna Meininger, Sophia Mertelseder, Vincent Devens, Vincent Reinhardt.

The implementation would never have been possible without the generous support of many companies and individuals. Thanks to:
Wolf System, Innocente, Asamer, Kfd, Sägewerk Löberbauer, Spax, BSN, Atelier Loam, Tischlerei Beck
Elias Brunmayr, Michael Platzer, Wolfgang Schlögl, Florian Reittinger, Ernst Best, Rudi Wittmann