Winter seminar with Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche

Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche | 31. December 2018 to 6. January

Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche in Gomde Germany- Austria Ⓒ Chris Zifkovic

We are utterly happy to once again welcome our master, Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche, this winter. 

We start on 31. of December, with the blessing of Rinpoches presence in the house,with removing obstacles for the upcoming year. We will practice under the guidance of our Lamas Vajrakilaya to sweep away any obstacles before the New Year. At 00:00 we will dance waltz and celebrate together and the next day we will start with a Sangh smoke offering at 10:30. Is there a better way to start the New Year? 

Rinpoche will be teaching from 2nd to 6th of January and by his words, his presence and his realization, point out the essence of the Vajrayana teachings for us.  

Rinpoche will be teaching on one of the most important Dzogchen text of our time: „Samanthabadra´s aspiration prayer“ . 

It is a unique blessing to be able to experience the Buddhist teachings in this way. 

The wintery conditions are extraordinary to retreat and dedicate oneself fully to practice. Therefore we ask participants to join the seminar for all days. 
Registration is already open, the topic will be announced later on. 


Make use of your time with Rinpoche to pracitce intensivly

At this year´s winter retreat we want to offer an especially intensive practice experience. Therefore we ask participants to please join the seminar from beginning to end, to support the dynamics of the teachings and the group. 

We will start to prepare ourselves for Rinpoche´s teachings under the guidance of our dear Lamas on

31.12. with a Vajrakilaya Puja at 4:30 pm

at 00:00 we will celebrate new year together

01.01.2019 we will start at 10:30 with a Sangh- smoke offering

After that, you will have enough time to meditate and tune in for Rinpoches teachings that start the next day. 

2nd to 5th of January :
               7:00 am morning practice
               10:00 am teachings with Rinpoche
             Lunch break
               15:00  talk by different teachers present at the seminar
               17:00 protectors practice
               18:00 dinner

6th of January: 
               7:00 am morning practice  
               10:00 am teachings with Rinpoche
             Lunch break and end of teachings

Suggested donation

We want to make the teachings available for anyone interested.
Therefore we ask for a donation and give a suggestion as to what would cover our fix costs. 

For the complete seminar from 31- 06.01.2018
490 Euros

From 2-6th of January:

400 Euros

If you should not be able to take part for the full amount of time, which would be best, suggested donations for single days are:

100 Euros

If you are in the lucky position to offer more, you support the center in offering teachings for everyone, also those who can only give less. 

Online-registration for this event has expired.