seminars & practice

General information

about our regular practices

Gomde is a place to become acquainted with Buddhism and inspire your spiritual practice in an easy-going, relaxed environment. We offer many seminars on different practices and teachings of Buddhism. 

Besides the seminar teachings and practices, we uphold a daily group practice. 

Everyday we meditate together at 7:30 and at 17:00 together. Participation is optional and not required. 

An open meditation takes place every Monday at 19:00, for which you do not need to register nor have any prior knowledge. Please arrive a few minutes before 19:00 so that we can show you the Lhakang - our meditation room - and answer any questions you might have.


Practice texts are supplied for the morning and evening practices, as well as texts related to seminar topics and for special rituals. If you would like to take any home, we ask for a donation, in order to cover the cost of production and ensure we are able to continue to provide up-to-date texts.
If you have your own chant books, please bring them with you, so that we always have enough copies for everyone.


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In addition to regular seminars, Gomde also offers the opportunity for individual retreats. With a lama on location all year round, you can always seek advice on any questions, doubts or obstacles that might arise. In the supportive environment of Gomde you can concentrate completely on your practice. Just contact Nanda at to arrange your retreat or if you have any related questions.

Seminar donations

Gomde works on the basis of donations and voluntary work.
The suggested donation is a guideline. It covers Gomde’s expenses. If you can give something more, you will allow a less-fortunate participant to attend and secure Gomde’s survival.
The suggested donation is what it costs to cover not only your seminar fee, accommodation and meals, but also the flights, visas and insurance of Rinpoche, his accompanying monks and translators, as well as giving support to the monks and monastery in Nepal.