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Buddhist mind training: Lojong

March 1 - March 3

Kindness and compassion – although we, like all living beings, already have these qualities within us, we cannot always access them. In everyday life, we are often overwhelmed by our emotions and are then neither particularly helpful to ourselves nor to others.

In its essence, however, our mind is open and full of compassion for ourselves and others.
With the help of concrete “tools”, we learn to reflect on this, our innermost nature, to nurture and care for it and ultimately to bring it to full fruition.

The Buddhist mind training “Lojong” is virtually a whole toolbox, full of easy-to-use exercises and methods with which we can strengthen our compassion, Bodhicitta.

First, we practise focusing and calming our minds. With the meditation technique “Shamata” we learn to direct our attention and no longer be (so easily) distracted by thoughts. This creates a solid foundation on which we can build our mind training.

An important exercise in this is Tonglen, the exchange of ourselves and others. We practise in the spirit of relieving others of their suffering and giving them our happiness.

By changing our thought patterns, we learn to be more aware of our connection to other living beings and to be more compassionate towards them and ourselves. This changes the way we deal with our emotions, we become calmer, more open and gentler.

xw Step by step, we learn how to draw on the positive qualities of our mind in everyday life. We learn how we can calm down through meditation and act more freely and compassionately as a result.
This seminar is particularly suitable for anyone who wants to learn meditation or simply find a way to feel more relaxed and free in everyday life.

Lama Thierry

Lama Thierry, a Swiss “yogi”, who after twelve years as a Buddhist monk – six of them in retreat – now works and teaches in our center, will guide us in this training. He speaks from his own experience, finds vivid everyday examples with which we can identify and draws on his extensive knowledge of the Tibetan scriptures on this subject.


We start on Friday at 4 pm and finish the seminar on Sunday at 12 noon. Accommodation will be available in comfortable single or, on request, double rooms.

In addition to the meditation sessions and classes, there will be plenty of time to enjoy the nature around Gomde, go for walks and relax.

Suggested donation:
180 euros for seminar, full board and accommodation

We would like to enable all interested parties to participate in our seminars. We therefore provide a guideline value that covers the fixed costs in Gomde. Should you be in the fortunate position to be able to give more, you are enabling someone with fewer resources to participate. If you can give less, please contact nanda@gomde.eu in advance

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March 1
March 3