Bardo: House of The Refrain explores how architecture can act as a bridge between landscape and body through a meditative practice of deep listening. To activate the room, place the seven balls in the containers attached to the trees, then place the bowl in the indicated position. Find a comfortable spot on the platform and let the subtle vibrations from the platform surface rise up through your body. Listen to the sounds that emanate from the forest and, in the silence, pay attention to noises that are near and far, quiet and loud, human and non-human.


Developed and realized by the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, under the direction of Fiona Zisch and Jonathan Tyrrell with the students Bhagyashree Amle, Jr-Yun Lin, Bing Lu, Pranayita Myadam, Julia Zhu.

The realization was only possible thanks to the generous and helpful support of the following companies and people:
Rudi Wittmann- Trewit
Ernst Beck- Joinery Beck
Florian Reittinger- KFD
Christoph Löberbauer- Löberbauer sawmill