Chenrezig and Winterfest

Lama Öser | 2. December 2022 to 4. December

This weekend we will dedicate ourselves on the one hand to the sadhana practice of the Buddha of Compassion, Chenrezig, and on the other hand to the practice in action: helping at the Winter Festival and everything around it. 

We will practice the Chenrezig Sadhana together on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. 
We will be inspired by the Buddha of Compassion and immediately apply the love and expansiveness discovered in the practice: 

On Saturday and Sunday afternoons, Gomde opens its doors to the neighborhood and surrounding area for taster meditation, warm drinks, and friendly get-togethers. 
You can either enjoy the festival, or help out and put your practice into action. 

Your contribution

We ask that you support Gomde with a donation for your accommodation, food and program. 

To cover the fixed costs, a contribution of 120 Euros would be helpful. 

If you want to give more, you will make it possible for others who can give less to stay and for Gomde to continue and develop. 
If you can give less, please mention it in the registration form.