Postponed: Ngöndro practice week

Lama Thierry | 31. March 2021 to 4. April

Unfortunately, we cannot carry out this offer in the form in which we had planned it for Easter. We will now postpone the Ngöndro practice seminar.
This seminar lives from practicing and experiencing together. Therefore, it would be a pity to deprive you of this experience, as it is so essential and supportive for further practice at home.

The Ngöndro practices are profound and powerful means (skillful means, upaya) to bring about profound healing and purification of one's mind regardless of one's level of spiritual realization. The Ngöndro consists of two parts, the outer Ngöndro of the Four Mind Changings (see also Lojong Weekend ) and the inner Ngöndro of Refuge, Bodhicitta, Vajrasattva, Mandala and Guru Yoga.
These practices not only prepare practitioners for the path of Vajrayana and the teachings of Dzogchen, but also gradually lead practitioners to complete  awakening.
While the "Ngöndro" or preliminary practices are often explained as the necessary foundation for higher Vajrayana practices, Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche and many other high masters actually explain that they also contain the main practice of Vajrayana.

Whether you are just beginning Ngöndro or have been practicing for some time, Lama Thierry's experiences and teachings are sure to inspire you, and the power of group practice will support you as you progress in your practice. 

About the teacher

The seminars will be led by Lama Thierry, following the tradition of his main teacher Lama Gendün Rinpoche, who just like the tradition of Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling, focused both on the Chokling Tersar and Karma Kagyü lineages. Lama Thierry was a monk for 14 years and did two three-year retreats with Lama Gendün Rinpoche. Lama has been with us in Gomde for nine years. With his humorous and kind nature combined with a keen knowledge of the profound Lojong teachings, Lama has become well-loved and respected among our sangha and beyond.


On the two Sundays before the retreat, Lama Thierry will explain via Zoom the practice of Ngöndro step by step, so that the group can focus mainly on the practice during the retreat on site. 

These teachings will take place on Zoom and you will have the recordings for your use. 

The dates are: 
Sunday 21.03: 16 to 18
Sunday 28.03: 16 to 18 o'clock 

The Zoom link to these teachings will be sent upon registration. 

Schedule of the Retreat

Start: Wednesday 31.03. 16 o'clock
End: Monday 04.04. 12 o'clock

On the first day, the group gets to know each other and receives another introduction to the practice. In the first practice session on Wednesday evening, each part of the practice is read through and discussed in detail. 

Then, starting Thursday morning, there will be a daily focus on the parts of Ngöndro: 
Refuge and Bodhichitta, Vajrasattva, Mandala Offering, and Guru Yoga. 

The focus in the seminar is on concentrated practice in a group. There will be 3 practice sessions per day. There will still be enough time for breaks, sharing and movement in nature to let the practice work and integrate. 

The classes will be held in English and translated into German. 

This course is for you, if you want ...

... to dive into the Vajrayana practice. 
... already practice the daily practice of ngöndro or want to start with it. 
...  to be inspired by the power of the group. 
...  a practice that can accompany you throughout your life. 
...  to practice Tibetan Buddhism and get to know the core elements. 


Additional offers to this course

Bliss is your superpower
A weekly exploration to Discover Natural Awareness and Love, taught by  Erric Solomon

Jewelornament of Liberation

17 lectures program which encourages individual contemplation, taught
 by Lama Bruce Newman

Recently Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche strongly encouraged everyone interested in Lojong and the Preliminary Practices (Ngöndro) to study this foundational text.

These programs all will introduce key elements of the Mahayana and Vajrayana, not only on an intellectual level but interspersed with direct application. Covering similar topics, but from a different angle, these weekly explorations and the Lojong Seminars series will greatly complement each other.

Your Contribution

Gomde wants to make the precious Dharma available to all who want to practice and learn it.

If you would like to contribute to this, you can support us with a donation. 

For your orientation we give donation guidelines.
For this seminar series we can give you the following guidelines; 
For seminars on site ... Euro
For online seminars ... Euro 

You can simply transfer your donation to our bank account:
Bank: Raiffeisenbank Scharnstein
IBAN: AT203412780200111336

You are also welcome to give us your donation in person when you come to Gomde again. 

- 3 dates:
21.03 and 28.03 15 to 18 o'clock - introductory explanations of the practice, online
31.03- 04.04 practice days in Gomde (and via stream) 

- recordings of the seminar will be available to you afterwards
- afterwards: regular, joint practice group online
- Exchange and contact via Whatsapp group
- Accompaniment by the experienced Lama Thierry, with whom individual appointments for questions can also be arranged.

Online-registration for this event has expired.