Nyungne - Fasting Practice of Avalokiteshvara

Nuns of Nagi Gompa | 27. September 2019 to 6. October

 Ⓒ langritngpa


Nyungne, the fasting ritual of the 1000-armed Avalokiteshvara, is a practice of the Kriya Tantra tradition and helps to purify  negative karma in a short time and to develop great compassion.

In this retreat we will practice by renouncing eating, drinking and speaking every other day. In addition, in the form of a sadhana of Avalokiteshvara, we practice recitation, visualization, meditation, and prostrations. Through this practice, we not only receive strength for our fasting, but also insight into the wisdom and love of the Buddha of compassion.

Ones own renunciation helps one to develop compassion for sentient beings who are forced to starve and never quench their thirst. We become aware of our own patterns of greed and attachment and develop gratitude, modesty and mindfulness.
The practice of fasting and meditation simultaneously have a purifying effect on the body and mind and thus clarity is created. We can more easily break with old patterns of behavior and cultivate new, positive patterns.

Accompanied by the experience and devotion of the nuns who perform this practice for at least 16, sometimes 100 days a year, the depth of this ritual can be experienced easily. The nuns guide us with great care and love through the difficulties of this practice and teach us, through their presence and dedication alone, how to develop diligence and joy even while renouncing.


The practice is conducted in sets of two whole days and is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

In Gomde you can take all four sets or  individual sets.
To be able to practice entire days, the day of arrival must be one day before the set and the departure day is the day after.

If you visit all 4 sets, the 27.09 is the arrival day and the 6.10. the departure day.

If you want to visit individual sets, you can do this on the following days:
Set 1: 27.09 (arrival in the afternoon) - 30.09 (departure after breakfast)
Set 2: 29.09 (arrival in the afternoon) - 2.10 (departure after breakfast)
Set 3: 1.10 (arrival in the afternoon) - 4.10 (departure after breakfast)
Set 4: 3.10 (arrival in the afternoon) - 6.10 (departure after breakfast)

The first day the participants still speak and breakfast and lunch is eaten.and verbal communication. 

On both days, a sadhana of the thousand-armed Chenrezig is practiced, focusing primarily on accumulations of mantra recitation and prostration.

For sick people it is possible to eat once a day and concentrate on recitation in sadhana.

suggested donation

to cover fixed costs


To cover the expenses of this event we ask for contribution by donation.

The guide value to cover the expenses of this seminar is 380 euros.
The guide value for participation per set (3 nights, 2 full days): 130 Euros
for the entire time: 380 euros

If you are in the fortunate position of being able to donate more than the suggested guide value, you help others, with fewer resources, to participate. In order to plan well in advance, we ask for a short information, should your donation be lower than the guideline value. Many Thanks!

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