Gomde thrives only due to the mutual efforts of all who are connected to this place. You too can help and create this place for retreat, vitality, and meditative practice.
We help one another create a place of rest and inspiration for everyone comes, whether for a brief visit or a longer stay. A place where authentic Dharma is practiced and thus a breeding ground for realization and lasting happiness.

By helping out, you not only enjoy yourself, you also connect with all the good that comes from doing something that benefits all living beings.

At the seminar

When you attend a seminar with us we ask only about 1 hour per day to help out. You can see this task as “karma yoga” – an opportunity to apply the teachings and as an exercise in generosity, compassion and joyful discipline.


Of course there is still the opportunity to live at Gomde as a volunteer. We have developed our own concept for this.
For 6 hours of daily work, 6 days a week, you can live, eat and join in meditation sessions at Gomde.
The length of the stay is individually agreed upon between Gomde and the volunteer. If you are interested, please contact in advance.

Support from afar

Gomde has lots of tasks, many of which can be handled from your own home! Please contact us, when and how you would like to get involved.
This time can also be applied to your time credit. Contact: