At Gomde we want to create a space in which everyone can be themselves, connect and contribute happily. People from all over the world can devote themselves to the study, contemplation and practice of Dharma.

Gomde comes to life from the fact that people contribute with dedication and confidence in the Buddhist teaching, each according to their capabilities and for the good of all.

We are always welcome to new ideas and suggestions, so please share your ideas by sending an email to



Blick auf Stupa im Weisheitsgarten von Gomde

Gomde was created through donations and volunteer labour, and these still keep it going today. Every penny goes into Gomde's preservation, expansion, and activity, allowing countless people to study and practice the precious Buddhist teachings. read more

Sponsoring: Friends of Gomde


As a "friend of Gomde”, you can donate a small or large amount to Gomde each month and support the center in a particularly sustainable way. read more


Be a part of Gomde

Zur tatkräftigen Unterstützung gehen zwei Yogis mit Leitern unter dem Arm

Gomde thrives only due to the mutual efforts of all who are connected to this place. You too can help and create this place for retreat, vitality and meditative practice.

We help one another create a place of rest and inspiration for everyone comes, whether for a brief visit or a longer stay. A place where authentic Dharma is practiced and thus a breeding ground for realization and lasting happiness.

By helping out, you not only enjoy yourself, you also connect with all the good that comes from doing something that benefits all living beings. read more