Experience in Tibetian Buddhism

Lara Braitstein, PhD | 19. Juli 2023 bis 23. Juli

The goal of Buddhism is described using words such as enlightenment, awakening, realization, and even more mysteriously with expressions like ‘The Great Seal’ (Mahāmudrā).Each of these is an attempt to name an experience.

Many of us search for an understanding or direct glimpse of this experience through study. When we study Buddhism, we are then confronted with the inevitable gap that appears between what is accessible through the intellect and what must be experienced in order to be known. This isn’t a tension unique to our contemporary setting.

This week will be an opportunity to explore how experiences of the path (for example, meditation and devotion) and result (for example, realization and the Great Seal) are described in Tibetan Buddhism. We will explore traditional sources that describe emotional, epistemic, and somatic experiences together through a combination of lectures and discussions.

Kurssprache: Englisch

This course is for you if...

...want to: 

  • are interested in exploring how language and experience point to each other in a Buddhist context

  • want to explore how Tibetan Buddhists use language to describe and provoke experiences along the path

  • are interested in how experiences and feelings – physical and emotional – are expressed in Tibetan Buddhist literature

The instructor

Lara Braitstein (PhD 2005 McGill University) is Associate Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhism at McGill University where she teaches courses on Tibetan, Mahāyāna, and Vajrayāna Buddhism, Buddhist Poetry, and Tibetan Life Writing. From 2013-18, she was Principal of the Karmapa International Buddhist Institute (New Delhi) and has been a regular visiting professor at the Rangjung Yeshe Institute (Kathmandu). She also teaches at the Bodhi Path Buddhist Centers. Lara lives in Montreal, Quebec (Canada) and her interests include literature, music, and running. 


7:30 - 8:15 Morning Meditation at the pond or in the meditation hall

8:15- 9:30 Breakfast

11:15 -12:30 Lectures by Prof. Julia Stenzel

Various contemplative activities and group activities

Movement: Yoga, Qui-Gong, walks and hikes

The daily schedule is subject to change and may be adapted.

Join on-site and online!

The lectures of Prof.Lara Braitstein can be joined online as well as on-site. 

On-site participants will have the opportunity to contribute to the discussion during the course, ask questions and join the meditation sessions offered. 

As an online participant, you can ask questions, but will not be able to join the discussions or meditation sessions. 

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