Guru Rinpoche Sadhana Practice

Lama Thierry | 6. April 2023 to 10. April

Guru Rinpoche fans take note!

These practice days are an excellent opportunity to dive deeper into Guru Rinpoche practice and sadhana, ask questions and practice together.

The Concise Daily Morning Practice that we Gomde regularly do is by no means just a short version of the Guru Rinpoche Sadhana our practice lineage - the Chokling Tersar. It is a condensed form of the blessing of this practice. In addition, we will also do the more extended and most well-known version of the Guru Rinpoche practice - the Trinley Nyingpo Sadhana together.

This is the core practice of our transmission lineage of Chokling Tersar and is therefore an essential part of the practice at Gomde.

This seminar is suitable for you if you already know the Concise Daily Morning Practice and would like to receive more assurance and explanation of the practice.

And of course also if you are already part of the Guru Rinpoche "Fan Club" and want to practice with your Sangha.

The prerequisite for participation is taking refuge and at best the Trinley Nyingpo initiation given by Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche last summer in Gomde.

Lama Thierry

Lama Thierry is a Swiss "yogi" who, after twelve years as a Buddhist monk - including six years in a retreat - now helps and teaches in our centre.

He teaches from his own experience, finding vivid examples from everyday life that we can easily identify with, while sharing his extensive knowledge of the Tibetan wisdom teachings.

He is an avid reader, film and music expert with a sense of humour and a great teacher with endless devotion to the Dharma.

Gomde wants to make the precious Dharma available to all who want to practice and learn it.

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