Vajrakilaya retreat at the end of the year

Lama Öser | 18. December 2021 to 19. December

In Tibetan-Buddhist monasteries it is a tradition to practice Vajrakilaya at the end of the year, to start the new year full of energy and without obstacles.

Vajrakilaya is a wrathful manifestation of the Buddha-mind activity. This practice removes all obstacles of inner and outer nature, especially those that affect our Dharma practice, and destroys all negative and disturbing emotions. This special and extremely powerful text comes from the Chokling Tersar.In the Nyingma and Kagyu School Vajrakilaya is considered a main practice to overcome obstacles.

ANNIVERSARY OF CHOKLING RINPOCHE'S PARANIRVANA: On the one-year anniversary of our precious master Chokling Rinpoche's Paranirvana, we will evoke his blessings and realization, for us and the entire universe.

This weekend-seminar is also an excellent preparation for the longer Vajrakilaya retreat in January. 



Experience in Vajrayana Buddhism, especially Sadhana practice.  Vajrakilaya empowerment by a suitable master.


The practice times of the seminar are:


4 to 6 pm First session with Tsok

10-12 a.m. Second Session 
16-18 o'clock Third Session with Tsok
10 am-12pm Forth Session 

In addition, we recommend following the monastery's Heart Sutra teachings on Saturday. These take place from 1 - 2 pm. 

You will receive all links after registration. 


Your sangha here in Gomde has really been thinking of all of you and brainstorming ways we can support you better in these difficult times. As Rinpoche emphasized again in the recent fall seminar, “By practicing you will enable yourself to become your own protector.”

Therefore, we decided to these practice seminars online for the duration of the lockdown. This is to provide special opportunities for you to connect with and deepen essential practices, but also to feel the strength and support of practicing with the Sangha.

These sessions are for free. However, you are welcome to make a donation to Gomde. Any amount is highly appreciated, as the lockdown creates big challenges for Gomde, and we are now more than ever relying on donations to be able to continue running the center and working on the many projects according to our precious master’s instructions.

We would like to thank our kind sangha volunteers who - despite the huge construction site, their regular practice, and running the house, etc. – give of their time to make this possible. 


Online-registration for this event has expired.