On site and online: Kind Heart, Open Mind

Lama Thierry | 28. May 2021 to 30. April

This series will share with you the ancient Buddhist wisdom of Lojong (Mind Training).
The main practice will be Tonglen (Giving & Taking), and each weekend will focus on a different key aspect of this teaching, including the four mind-changings, refuge, bodhicitta, the six paramitas, meditation, Guru Yoga and ultimate Bodhicitta, Chenrezig practice, and much more.

Tonglen is a practice aiming to remove all suffering from all beings and oneself, and ultimately establish everyone in full enlightenment.With this main practice and its key aspects, the series provides a step-by-step program of an entire path. Therefore, a practitioner committing to all 10 seminars will benefit the most as one thereby will be able to truly go into depth with one practice and develop a life-long skill for daily life and daily practice sessions.

The focus is on enabling oneself to develop more kindness and help others through this practice. This practice is also said to help against anxiety and fear and therefore is very appropriate for these challenging times.

Each weekend seminar will include both explanations and practice.

About the teacher

The seminars will be led by Lama Thierry, following the tradition of his main teacher Lama Gendün Rinpoche, who just like the tradition of Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling, focused both on the Chokling Tersar and Karma Kagyü lineages. Lama Thierry was a monk for 14 years and did two three-year retreats with Lama Gendün Rinpoche. Lama has been with us in Gomde for nine years. With his humorous and kind nature combined with a keen knowledge of the profound Lojong teachings, Lama has become well-loved and respected among our sangha and beyond.

Program and dates

Key Points of Hinayana

5 to 7 of March: Introduction to Lojong and the Four Mind-Changings

Key Points of Hinayana continued and Mahayana

28 to 30 of May: Lojong - Refuge and Bodhicitta

Key Points of Mahayana

18 to 20 of June: Lojong – Bodhicitta continued

3 to 5 of September: Lojong – The Six Paramitas

8 to 10 of October: Lojong – Meditation Practice

 Key Points of Vajrayana

12 to 14 of November: Lojong – Guru Yoga and Ultimate Bodhicitta

2022 Weekend 7: Lojong – Chenrezig Practice (This includes a general introduction to sadhanas – visualization, development and completion stage, three samadhis, etc)

2022 Weekend 8: Lojong – More details to Tonglen

2022 Weekend 9: Lojong Wisdom Sayings for Daily Life – tools to change our egoistic view

2022 Weekend 10: Lojong – the entirety of the main practice with its key aspects

* While we assume that the topics of the weekends will stay as they are listed, please note that Lama Thierry will try to make these gradual teachings as personal as possible, adjusting to the audience. Therefore, the topics of the individual weekends are guidelines but not fixed and could vary slightly, if that is what benefits the audience most.

Weekly Lojong practice group


In addition to the weekend series, Gomde offers a weekly live-online Lojong meditation with Lama Thierry, hosted on Zoom. The meditation sessions take place very Tuesday, at 7 p.m. (Austria time). The event is free of cost and beginners are welcome.

THE PRACTICE: While all beings intrinsically possess qualities of loving kindness and compassion, often it is not that easy to access them in any moment. This wonderful practice of Lojong teaches us how to keep our minds open and full of compassion for oneself and others. The Buddhist Mind Training “Lojong” offers an entire toolbox of easily applicable practices and methods which help us to develop a calm, compassionate mind and to change destructive mental patterns to more wholesome habits.
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This course is for you, if you want ...

...  to cultivate compassion and wisdom.
...  to work with your thoughts and feelings. 
...  to get to know, study and apply the Buddhist teachings. 
...  step-by-step instructions for your inner change. 
... to have a practice for your daily life and methods you can use at any time. 
... you are looking for a helpful way to deal with difficult times. 
... to be a support for yourself and for those around you; by cultivating loving-kindness, your mind becomes calmer, thoughts clearer, and you can more easily be helpful to yourself and others!

...  to follow the entire Buddhist path from A- Z.


Additional offers to this course

Bliss is your superpower
A weekly exploration to Discover Natural Awareness and Love, taught by  Erric Solomon

Jewelornament of Liberation

17 lectures program which encourages individual contemplation, taught
 by Lama Bruce Newman

Recently Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche strongly encouraged everyone interested in Lojong and the Preliminary Practices (Ngöndro) to study this foundational text.

These programs all will introduce key elements of the Mahayana and Vajrayana, not only on an intellectual level but interspersed with direct application. Covering similar topics, but from a different angle, these weekly explorations and the Lojong Seminars series will greatly complement each other.

Your Contribution

Gomde wants to make the precious Dharma available to all who want to practice and learn it.

If you would like to contribute to this, you can support us with a donation. 

For your orientation we give donation guidelines.
For this seminar series we can give you the following guidelines; 
For seminars on site 180 Euro
For online seminars 108 Euro 

For your orientation we give donation guidelines.
For this seminar series we can give you the following guidelines; 
For seminars on site 180 Euro
For seminars online 108 Euro 

You are welcome to make your donation via the platform "" or simply transfer it to our bank account:
Bank: Raiffeisenbank Scharnstein
IBAN: AT203412780200111336

You are also welcome to give us your donation in person when you come to Gomde again. 

 Thank you for your support!

- 10 seminars spread over the year 2021 and early 2022
  first online, then also on site and online
- recordings of the seminars will be available to you afterwards
- weekly joint practice group, Tuesday 7 pm on Zoom
- Exchange and contact via Whatsapp group
- Accompaniment by the experienced Lama Thierry, with whom individual appointments can also be made for questions