Buddha Shakyamuni -Every Monday- Open Group

Lama Öser | 29. November 2021 to 27. December

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Our "Mondagsmedi" is now also available online. 
For more than 15 years now, we have offered a guided, open meditation group every Monday.
This is still open to all in presence, even during the lockdown. In addition, we now offer it to you online. 

2500 years ago, Buddha Shakyamuni, through abiding in meditation, realized what is the cause of suffering, that there is a way out of suffering, and that this way leads to ultimate happiness. These teachings (Dharma) are as valid today as they were then, and more and more people are finding a happier, more fulfilled life through meditation.

Together with Lama Öser we will recite the Buddha Shakyamuni Sadhana text and also learn about "peaceful abiding"- Shamata meditation, where we sit in silence for some time and focus our mind on a meditation object. 

The text of Mipham Rinpoche is especially suitable for beginners as it describes the basics of Buddhism in a very easy to understand way. Together with the explanations of Lama Öser we get a wonderful introduction to philosophy and meditation.

Every Monday at 7 pm

At this link:

Meeting ID: 847 9354 2253
Passcode: 934727

Please bring your text, or send us a message if you need it:


Your sangha here in Gomde has really been thinking of all of you and brainstorming ways we can support you better in these difficult times. As Rinpoche emphasized again in the recent fall seminar, “By practicing you will enable yourself to become your own protector.”

Therefore, we decided to these practice seminars online for the duration of the lockdown. This is to provide special opportunities for you to connect with and deepen essential practices, but also to feel the strength and support of practicing with the Sangha.

These sessions are for free. However, you are welcome to make a donation to Gomde. Any amount is highly appreciated, as the lockdown creates big challenges for Gomde, and we are now more than ever relying on donations to be able to continue running the center and working on the many projects according to our precious master’s instructions.

We would like to thank our kind sangha volunteers who - despite the huge construction site, their regular practice, and running the house, etc. – give of their time to make this possible.