Online: Bliss is your super power

You’re invited to join Erric as we continue to exploration the blissful nature that underlies all experience.  This seminar is open to all, the only prerequisite is that you bring an open heart and a curious mind.

 We don’t have to follow our bliss, because in reality bliss follows us!

Every aspect of our existence is permeated by bliss. However, out of habit, we misunderstand the very essence of who we really are. We are distracted by mind’s projections instead of resting in mind’s nature. True Bliss isn’t an experience, experiences come and go. But authentic bliss is always available. This bliss (called Mahasukha in Sanskrit or Dewa Chenpo in Tibetan) transcends circumstances and conditions; it is the indestructible nature of our being.

Meeting weekly, we’ll playfully explore our mind, our heart and our world. We’ll be using different texts from the Buddhist Mayahana tradition, but also sometimes looking at modern examples from physics, AI and biology. The emphasis will always be on developing experiential understanding, rather than intellectual rigor. The result will be that we can understand ourselves better, have a healthy mind and a happy heart, and maybe even make a meaningful spiritual transformation.

Erric will use wit, kindness, and his keen intellect to help us discover for ourselves the core points of practice that are so commonplace and accessible. Erric does not hold back on the difficult questions about emptiness or guru devotion, and his answers are so obvious that these concepts become a personal experience with ease.



Zoom link for the weekly teaching sessions

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About the teacher

Bringing together decades of Buddhist practice, a high-powered Silicon Valley career, and an abundant sense of humour, Erric speaks with an authenticity grounded in experience. Drawing on his life in the fast-paced, always on wired world, and his study under the guidance of some of the greatest masters of our time (including Kyabjé Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche and Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche), Erric creates a bridge between modern insight and ancient wisdom. You can also find him at


“Erric has studied and practiced Buddhism for more than two decades, including working with nearly all the greatest masters of our time including Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, and Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche. Afterwards, he completed a traditional three-year retreat. As a result, his understanding doesn’t come merely from intellectual knowledge, but through an authentic experience that comes from years of sincere practice.”

— Tsoknyi Rinpoche



From September 15, 2021 we will meet 

every Wednesday 
at 7 p.m. 

on Zoom.

Teaching language: English with translation to German.

You can join in at any given moment!
Register now, and we will send you the Zoom Link right away. 

Recordings of the meetings will be made available to registered participants. 

There will be a Whatsapp/Signal group for sharing during the week.

The sessions will be a well-balanced mix of philosophical teaching, meditation, reflection, time for questions and exchange.

As an experienced Dharma teacher who also knows all too well the context of Western modern life, Erric is particularly well suited to lead the group. He is attentive and compassionate to all participants, with a sincere interest in their experiences and thoughts.  

This course is for you, if you...

... seek a modern approach to ancient Buddhist wisdom.
... want to understand the core points of Buddhist philosophy through your own experience. 
... are looking for a simple practice that you can integrate into your daily life. 
... want step-by-step instructions for your inner change.
... are looking for a regular and binding practice group. 
... are looking for natural access to inner clarity and compassion.

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