Yeshe Tsogyal Sadhana Retreat

Lama Tenzin Sangpo | 10. September 2019 to 15. September

Yeshe Tsogyal is a wisdom dakini and is considered one of the most important female practitioners in the history of Tibetan Buddhism. She became one of the main students of Guru Rinpoche and was responsible for the transmission of many early Nyingma teachings. Yeshe Tsogyal is said to have the same realization as Guru Rinpoche. She is considered to be a manifestation of Saraswati and is sometimes identified with Tara. She is also an emanation of Samantabhadri, Prajnaparamita and Vajrayogini.

During our retreat we will practice a sadhana of Yeshe Tsogyal under the guidance of Lama Tenzin Sangpo. This precious practice cycle of the Dakini is a special treasure taught by Padmasambhava himself and rediscovered by treasure revealer Chogyur Dechen Lingpa.
The empowerment was given in 2016 by Tsikley Chokling Rinpoche.
It is a pith instruction of our lineage. 

We will connect with the Dakini´s enlightened qualities of boundless wisdom and  compassion to benefit all sentient beings. Especially in this day and age, her practice brings countless benefits and brings forth the great power of her compassion and blessing.

In four daily sessions, Lama Tenzin will explain the sadhana, will answer questions, and we will practice together. This practice requires some prior knowledge of the basics of sadhana practice in order to be used effectively.


We will start the seminar on Wednesday the 11th of September at 4pm. 

Lama Tenzin will, in 4 daily sessions , introduce us to the practices of Yeshe Tsogyal.

The seminar ends on Sunday the 15th of September after breakfast.

Suggested donation

to cover the fixed costs

To cover the fixed costs of this seminar we kindly ask for a donation. 

Our estimation to cover the fixed costs of this seminar would be 320 Euros per person. 

If you are in the lucky position to give more than this suggested amount, you cover the costs of participation for someone else, who has less resources. 

In order to be able to calculate beforehand, please let us know if you won't be able to give the calculated amount. Thank you very much!

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