Tara’s Loving kindness and compassion meditations

Lama Tenzin Sangpo | 6. September 2019 to 10. September

Liebevolle Güte und Mitgefühl- aus der dreifachen Vortrefflichkeit der Tara

Tara’s Triple Excellence retreat with Lama Tenzin

This retreat is open to all who are interested in the instructions on Tara’s Triple Excellence. You are most welcome to join us here regardless of whether you are already participating in the online program.

Introduction to the Second Excellence Part I, with particular focus on loving-kindness and compassion meditations

With the Second Excellence, we enter the Bodhisattva path of love and insight. In this retreat, Lama Tenzin will guide participants in the profound practices of loving-kindness and compassion, which correspond to the first two chapters of the online program’s Second Excellence Part I. 

 For five days, we are going to cultivate loving-kindness and compassion, recognizing the presence and power of loving-kindness and compassion and developing these qualities to become steady and immeasurable.

Beginning our contemplation with the causal link between great impartial loving kindness and perfect enlightenment, we will develop a clear understanding of the immense value of loving kindness.
With that understanding, we will then “begin at home,” so to speak, as we first recognize the need to extend loving kindness toward ourselves. With this as a foundation, we will then expand our circle of loving kindness to include those very dear to us—those, whose kind and tender care for us makes it relatively easy to embrace them with the wish that they may be happy and possess the causes of true happiness. 
We’ll further expand our loving embrace another notch to include ordinary friends, those to whom we feel affection, but who nonetheless are not particularly close to us. Thereafter, we will go one step further, breaking through our eggshell of indifference and extend loving kindness to strangers.
Once we have succeeded in opening our confined and partial heart to strangers, we will take the most difficult step: developing true loving kindness toward troublemakers and enemies, people whom we don't like or don’t like us.

As our loving kindness grows stronger and more stable, it can become so much a part of us that it turns into our natural response. From then on it will grow naturally. Vast and inconceivably powerful, it turns into the truly immeasurable treasure of the Bodhisattva heart.

We will train in compassion in a similar way. When we have taken to heart the fact that compassion is crucial for achieving perfect enlightenment, we will again begin at home, extending compassion towards ourselves.

Unless we learn to be soft and kind toward ourselves how can we possibly be compassionate to others?


We will start the seminar on friday the 6th of September at 4pm. 

Lama Tenzin will, in 4 daily sessions , introduce us to the practices of loving kindness and compassion. 

The seminar ends on wednesday the 10th of September at 12:30 pm. 


After this seminar a Yeshe Tsogyal seminar with Lama Tenzin will start, from 11th to 16th of September.

You are very much invited to also register to this seminar and thereby spend 10 days fully immersing yourself into the practices of the female emanations of the Buddha.  


To cover the fixed costs of this seminar we kindly ask for a donation. 

Our estimation to cover the fixed costs of this seminar would be 320 Euros per person. 

If you are in the lucky position to give more than this suggested amount, you cover the costs of participation for someone else, who has less resources. 

In order to be able to calculate beforehand, please let us know if you won't be able to give the calculated amount. 

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