Emotional rescue: transforming our emotions through mindfulness

Lama Bruce Newman | 30. April 2019 to 5. May


From stress to inner strength: In his book "Emotional rescue" the well-known meditation master Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche introduces us to 3 steps with which we can change our lives. We learn to recognize our emotions as they arise and subsequently to transform them. From a Buddhist perspective, there is power, energy and wisdom in every emotion. By recognizing the nature of our emotions and learning to interpret them correctly, we can access this power and use it for our own and the well-being of others.

Mindfulness meditation…

... a word that is on everyone's lips. From the health benefits of stress reduction, sleep improvement, to increased attention and clarity until the effects on physical health. Many of these effects are well known and scientifically proven today. What sounds almost like a miracle cure is, in fact, an ancient, proven method that has been practiced for millennia.

Mindfulness meditation is the basis for any deepening meditation practice. Through mindfulness, our mind stabilizes and comes to rest. Building on this tranquility, we can progress along the path of Buddhist mind training.

In this 5-day seminar you have the opportunity to learn this method from the ground up and to experience its effect yourself. We will learn to meditate and find access to our innermost quality of peacefulness. We will be supported by the study of one of the most important Buddhist texts.

We study...
... the very significant text "The precious ornament of liberation", by the great scholar Gampopa, which is almost a must read for any meditator. From this we derive the philosophical foundations of Buddhism, which we then reflect and try to integrate.

Teaching cycle…
This course will take place over the next 3 years. The emphasis is on building a solid understanding of Buddhism. It will be possible join later, but it is a good opportunity to attend this course from the beginning. Starting from this first seminar, the group will meet, online and personally in Gomde, to practice, deepen and study the learned things together.
The second seminar will take place around the same time in 2020.

Lama Bruce Newman…
... is an authorized teacher whose teachings are based on his many years of personal meditation experience, retreat and study abroad and in the West. This and his understanding of Eastern and Western Dharma approaches makes him unusually qualified to teach Western Dharma students in ways that they can truly understand an d integrate into their everyday lives.

We learn and practice meditation techniques, read and study texts, reflect together.

In this course you can gain or deepen your knowledge of Buddhism. Through the immediate application of the methods and the implementation of the mindset of the scriptures, the course has the potential to be deeply transformative.
Meditation, a more solid and comprehensive understanding of the scriptures and teachings, and the ability to truly benefit from the teachings are qualities that naturally arise.

Arrival day: Tuesday, April 30, anytime from lunch.
Arrival is possible until the beginning of the seminar on Wednesday.
Seminar begins: Wednesday, May 1, 10:30 am 
End of seminar: Sunday 5th May, after lunch (about 12:30 pm)

Theoretical and practical units will alternate.
We will start and complete every day with a meditation session.

Between the seminar sessions, there will be plenty of time to rest, walk in nature, or do something else that will do you good.

Suggested donation
We would like to make it possible for everyone to participate in Gomde´s seminars.
Therefore, we offer our seminars on a donation basis.
For this seminar with full board and overnight stays in a comfortable single or double room
we kindly suggest a donation of 

320 euros

Please contact us in advance, if you can not give this amount.

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