Buddha Shakyamuni- Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation

Lama Öser | 17. May 2019 to 19. May

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2500 years ago after extensive studies and meditation Buddha Shakyamuni realized what the true cause of suffering is, that there is a way out of suffering and that this path leads to happiness. These teachings are as valid today as they were all those years ago, and more and more people are finding a happier, more fulfilling life through meditation.

Together with Lama Öser we will discuss and recite the Buddha Shakyamuni Sadhana.

The practice of this text composed by Mipham Rinpoche is especially suitable for beginners as it explains the basis of Buddhism in an easily understandable way.

Combined with Lama Öser‘s explanations, we’ll get an introduction into Buddhist philosophy and meditation.

It will take place over the long weekend, starting at 4 pm on Friday and ending at noon on Sunday. You are welcome to arrive early Friday afternoon.

In addition to the meditation sessions and classes, there will be plenty of time to enjoy nature, go for a walk and rest.

Accommodation will be possible in comfortable rooms or on request .

Suggested donation

180 Euros full board, accommodation and seminar

This suggested donation covers fixed costs at Gomde. If you would like to give more, you can help others to participate, who have less. If you can not give this amount, please let us know beforehand:

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