Vajrakilaya Retreat with Lama Tenzin

Lama Tenzin Sangpo | 16. January 2020 to 13. February

We are pleased to announce that next year, we will hold a 28-day Vajrakilaya Retreat in Gomde. Vajrakilaya is a wrathful manifestation of the Buddha-mind activity. This practice removes all obstacles of inner and outer nature, especially those that affect our Dharma practice, and destroys all negative and disturbing emotions. This special and extremely powerful text comes from the Chokling Tersar.

In the Nyingma and Kagyu School Vajrakilaya is considered a main practice to overcome obstacles. The practice includes to a large extent recitation and visualization, but also quiet sitting meditation. During the retreat, Lama Tenzin will give teachings and answer questions.

To participate in this retreat, it would be ideal already received a Vajrakilaya initiation from a qualified master. Most likely, there will be the opportunity to receive this inauguration in Gomde.


Experience in Vajrayana Buddhism, especially Sadhana practice.
Participants must be able to practice their Sadhana practice alone.

Vajrakilaya empowerment by a suitable master.
Participation is only possible over the entire period.


Schedule: 4 practice sessions daily, both in the group and individually in the room.
Common Sangh and Protector practice as well as Tsok on special days.
Earlier arrival is requested to adjust to the place and to prepare it.

suggested donation

1150 Euro 

suggested donation to cover fixed costs. If you are in the lucky position to offer more, you enable Gomde to offer the retreat to more people.