Medicine Buddha - for beginners and experienced meditators

Lama Öser | 6. December 2019 to 8. December

In Tibetan Buddhism the meditation on Medicine Buddha is done in order to support and enhance the healing process. The sick person can meditate themselves or somebody else, like a doctor or a friend, can do so in their name. 

Most important is the training of the mind. We try to protect it from disturbing and harmful thoughts. The best method to train is to develop a mind full of love, compassion and wisdom.

The recitation of the text will only be part of our seminar. In addition to that, we will talk about Tibetan medicine. We will get to know what it is, how it was developed and how beneficial it can be in our modern times. The different kinds of medicine, incense and sangh-powder are extremely skillful methods of Vajrayana to make our minds clearer and more relaxed.

The sadhana we will recite together is very uncomplicated and we will be able to practice it at home as well. That is why this seminar is suitable for all of us, experienced practitioners as well as beginners who are in contact with Buddhism and meditation for the first time.
We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!


The seminar begins at 4 pm on Friday and finishes on sunday after lunch.

suggested donation

The donation reference value for seminar, accommodation and meals is 180 Euro

With this contribution the fixed costs of Gomde are covered.
Should you be in the fortunate position of being able to give more, you allow someone else to participate.

If you are unable to make a contribution at this level, please mention it at registration.

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