Avalokiteshvara and the Fundamentals of Buddhism

Nuns of Nagi Gompa | 18. October 2019 to 20. October

During this weekend-seminar, we will recite the beautiful sadhana-text of Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of compassion (Tibetan: Chenrezig). The melody and words of the text are very touching, but at the same time easy to follow.

In addition to the practice sessions, the nuns will also introduce us to the basics of Buddhist practice — the development of our inherent qualities of compassion and wisdom. They will speak from their experience as experienced longterm practitioners.
Their devotion and trust is the best example of the result of diligent Buddhist practice and serves as great inspiration. 
The nuns, who have spent years in retreat, radiate loving-kindness and compassion.

Besides the meditation sessions, the nuns of Nagi Gompa will teach us the fundaments of Buddhism and meditation.

This seminar is, of course, open for everyone, for both beginners and advanced practitioners, but it aims especially at all those of you, who want to gain the first experience in the recitation of Buddhist texts or want to know about the fundaments of Buddhist philosophy. As always, there’s enough time for questions and discussion.



The seminar starts at 4 pm on Friday afternoon and ends with lunch on Sunday. 

Suggested donation

We kindly suggested a donation of 180 Euros for lodging, full board and seminar. 

If you are in the fortunate position to give more, you give someone else, who has fewer resources, the opportunity to participate. 

If you do not have the possibility to give the full amount, please give us a heads up in the comment of your registration. 

Online-registration for this event has expired.