Program 2020

Buddha nature

10.04. until 13.04. 2020 | Khenpo Tokpa Tulku

Using the breathtaking and clarifying text Uttaratantrashastra by Maitreya, Khenpola will explore the meaning of Buddha nature with us and help us discover it through reflection… more ›

POSTPONED Meditation with body, speech and mind

30.04. until 03.05. 2020 | Lama Bruce Newman

In this course we will learn how to work with our emotions and gain access to their innermost strength, power and wisdom. We will also learn mindfulness meditation. more ›

Radically Loving: Transcending anxiety and stress

05.06. until 07.06. 2020 | Erric Solomon

In this seminar with Erric Solomon, we learn how to care for ourselves, as we learn to care for others—A profound joy arises through cultivating loving-kindness, compassion… more ›

Lojong and shamata- buddhist mind training and meditation 2

11.06. until 14.06. 2020 | Lama Thierry

The Buddhist mind training known as lojong is a complete toolbox, full of easy-to-use exercises and methods to strengthen our compassion and bodhicitta. more ›

Buddhism and Science: A Critical Introduction to the Encounter

29.06. until 31.07. 2020 | John Dunne, Ana C.Lopes, James Gentry, Monastic professor

RYI Summer Course at Gomde Germany- Austria 3 credits/ 6 ECTS accredited with the Centre of Buddhist Studies at Rangjung Yeshe Institute, Kathmandu University, Nepal Students… more ›