Program 2022

Your Dharma days in Gomde

01.06. until 01.06. 2025 | Lama Thierry

Experience the everyday life of the practice in Gomde: Anyone and everyone is welcome to enjoy the atmosphere of the practice or to join in the practice themselves. more ›

Yoga and Meditation

14.10. until 16.10. 2022 | Lama Thierry, Cecilia Pla

This weekend, we will work on relaxing both the body and the mind. more ›

Compassion and meditation- buddhist mind training

21.10. until 23.10. 2022 | Lama Thierry

The Buddhist mind training known as lojong is a complete toolbox, full of easy-to-use exercises and methods to strengthen our compassion and bodhicitta. more ›