Program 2023

Meditate like a Buddha

31.03. until 02.04. 2023 | Lama Thierry, Cecilia Pla

Learn to meditate, basics of Buddhism, yoga, mindfulness more ›

Guru Rinpoche Sadhana Practice

06.04. until 10.04. 2023 | Lama Thierry

A weekend dedicated to Guru Rinpoche, Padmasambhava and the practices related to this manifestation of our Buddha nature. more ›

Meditate like a Buddha

28.04. until 01.05. 2023 | Lama Thierry, Cecilia Pla

Learn to meditate, basics of Buddhism, yoga, mindfulness more ›

Medicine and Compassion

01.06. until 04.06. 2023 | Dr. David Shlim and Lama Öser

Compassion is the desire to relieve suffering in others. Have you ever wanted to feel more compassionate towards yourself and others? Have you felt like your capacity for… more ›

Foundations of Buddhism: Philosophy, Compassion, Meditation

05.07. until 09.07. 2023 | John Dunne, PhD

This week will focus on key aspects of Buddhist history, thought, and how we can understand their culmination in the ecstatic songs of the Buddhist practitioners who achieved… more ›

Exploring Buddhism: Wisdom, Compassion & Experience

05.07. until 30.07. 2023 | John Dunne, Julia Stenzl, Lara Braitstein, Karl Brunnhölzl

Buddhist Studies Summer course: explore key points of Buddhist teachings in multiple ways. Contemplative, academic, and embodied learning will create an embodied experience,… more ›

Loving Kindness & Compassion

12.07. until 16.07. 2023 | Julia Stenzel, PhD

Loving kindness and compassion are inherent qualities all beings possess. Buddhist traditions have developed methods to strengthen these and to apply them skillfully in daily… more ›

Experience in Tibetian Buddhism

19.07. until 23.07. 2023 | Lara Braitstein, PhD

This week will be an opportunity to explore how experiences of the path (for example, meditation and devotion) and result (for example, realization and the Great Seal) are… more ›

Notes of Boundless Freedom: The Songs of Realization of the Indian Mahasiddhas

26.07. until 30.07. 2023 | Dr. Karl Brunnhölzl

During this course, we will explore Mahāmudrā through a number of life stories of male and female mahāsiddhas and the symbolisms in their songs, including singing a selection… more ›