Program 2022

Your Dharma days in Gomde

01.06. until 01.06. 2022 | Lama Thierry

Experience the everyday life of the practice in Gomde: Anyone and everyone is welcome to enjoy the atmosphere of the practice or to join in the practice themselves. more ›

Healing Meditation- Medicine Buddha

26.05. until 28.05. 2022 | Lama Öser

In an accessible, modern and traditionally rooted way, Lama Öser will introduce us to the meditation on Medicine Buddha in such a way that they can contribute to the improvement… more ›

Buddhist Philosophy in Comparative Perspective

11.07. until 05.08. 2022 | Rangjung Yeshe Institute and Rangjung Yeshe Gomde GA present

RYI and Gomde Germany- Austria Academic Summer Course 3 credits/ 5 ECTS Students will live this encounter for four weeks through engaging in a combination of three components:… more ›