Enjoy your stay at your spiritual home!

Arrival / Registration

There is no reception or anything like that, so do not be shy, come in and just ask for someone from the team. All the people whom meet you in Gomde, whether from the team or a guest, will be happy to help you.


and vouchers



Gomde works on the basis of donations and voluntary work.
The suggested donation is a guideline. It covers Gomde’s expenses. If you can give something more, you will allow a less-fortunate participant to attend and secure Gomde’s survival.

If you are short of cash, there is the possibility to offer alternative compensation such as helping out. Please contact us in advance by e-mail if you aren’t able to afford the suggested donation.

At Gomde we only accept cash. The nearest ATM is a 15-minute drive away.
In some cases, we ask for a deposit or prepayment by bank transfer before a seminar or stay.

Seminar vouchers

If you are planning to attend several seminars at Gomde, there is now a special offer for you.
For 550 euros you can buy vouchers for 5 short seminars. These do not include seminars with the Rinpoches.
The vouchers are transferable. Contact:


During weekend seminars with our lamas,  single and double rooms are usually available. Most beds in Gomde are in simple dormitories. For large seminars with our Rinpoches, we ask for your understanding that rooms cannot be booked. Here are a few photos of the dorms and rooms.
If no beds are available, we recommend accommodation nearby.


For short stays we provide bed linen and towels. During our larger seminars - such as the annual summer seminar - we ask that you bring your own bed linen or sleeping bag and towels.


Camping in Gomde is possible in a tent as well as in a camping bus or car.
Please ask our team to find out where you can set up your tent - there are specially designated zones.


and catering


We have a café/lounge with a cozy atmosphere where you can grab a coffee, cold drinks or snack during breaks. These drinks are to be paid at the counter as a donation.
So that the seminar and other participants are not disturbed, as a rule we close the café at 11 pm.


We eat together three times a day. Breakfast is from 8:00 to 9:00, lunch from 12:00 to 13:30 and dinner 18:00 (all times approximate). The exact times often depend on the seminar programs. A loud gong signals that the buffet is open.
We also provide variety in our meals, so we offer meat, as well as vegetarian and vegan options. If you suffer from any food intolerance, please let us know at registration and we will do our best to accommodate you. If you have any special dietary requirements (such as gluten-free bread or lactose-free milk), please bring any special foodstuffs you may require.


We ask you to leave your dogs at home when you come to visit.
In order to prevent anxiety and possible problems, except for service animals (such as seeing-eye dogs), dogs are not allowed on the site.


Please bring slippers with you when you visit. Take off your street shoes whenever you enter the building and store them on the designated shelves.

Internet Access

At Gomde we try to create a place of rest and retreat. However if you still need internet, please contact the house team – we will gladly provide you with a password that you can use to stay connected.


We welcome children at Gomde. Please note, however, the following rules of conduct to make sure everyone’s stay is enjoyable.
Please take your child to the Lhakang only if they can follow the entire session or remain calm and relaxed. Going in and out during the session disturbs other participants as well as your own peace. Please find a way to work with your child during the sessions.
During the annual seminars Gomde usually provides two nannies. A suggested donation of 10 euros per day per child is requested.
We ask that you give your children supportive care at the time of the teachings so that you, your children and all other participants have a good time.
A pond was recently created as a water reservoir and natural landscape for relaxation. Please take care to closely supervise your children near the pond. Swimming is prohibited and parents are responsible for their children.

Lost and Found

Often things are left behind at Gomde. Of course, we will take care of valuables as long as possible. However, clothes and shoes that are left at Gomde for more than six month will be donated to a good cause, otherwise space becomes scarce. 

Packing list

Weekend seminars

Slippers, cozy and warm all-weather clothing, possibly tent or caravan.

Seminars with one of the Rinpoches

  • Slippers
  • Sleeping bag or bedding, towel,
  • Cushions and blanket
  • Rangjung Yeshe chant book (if available)


Gomde has its own washing machine for guests to use. Detergent is provided.

Accommodations in the area

You can attend the seminars in Gomde and stay at any of the nearby accommodations. In this case, the suggested donation is 10 euros less per night.
You will find a variety of local accommodations here:


Gomde is located in the beautiful Salzkammergut, more specifically in the beautiful Almtal. The romantic Gmunden am Traunsee is 20 minutes drive away, but larger cities such as Wels, Linz, Salzburg or Vienna can easily be reached by train or car.
The region surrounding of Gomde offers a variety of opportunities to spend a wonderful day out in the fresh air, whether swimming in one of the many lakes, a hike on the nearby mountains or just a walk in the adjacent forest. We have everything a nature lover could ask for.