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Here you will find teachings and meditation instructions that were given in Gomde to re- watch and discover. 
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Tame your mind!

Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche

In this talk Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche elaborates of the Four Seals of Dharma: All conditioned things are impermanent; all defiled things are painful; all phenomena are empty; nirvana is peace. Rinpoche reminds us that we are born deluded, are deluded during the day, and even more deluded in the dream state. Therefore, Rinpoche tells us: tame your mind! The best knowledge is to know there is no self. The best quality is altruism. The best instruction is to always watch your mind. The best remedy is to know that nothing has real nature. The best sign of accomplishment is the reduction of negative emotions. Translated by Catherine Dalton


John Canti´s storytelling evening

Remembering the Masters

How does Buddhism transform us?

Khenpo Tokpa Tulku

In this series of talks, esteemed scholar-practitioner, Khenpo Trokpa Tulku, describes how each of us fully possesses the potential for realization, but that we are obscured by afflictive emotions and cognitive obscurations. In order to free ourselves, we need to walk a spiritual path that effectively diagnoses our deluded state of suffering and applies the remedies to remove it. Khenpo Trokpa Tulku explains that through studying, contemplating and meditating, and through endeavoring in the three trainings of discipline, concentration, and wisdom, we are able to transform our subconscious mind in such a way that it naturally discerns what is correct and incorrect, leading us to a state of freedom. Furthermore, Khenpo elaborates on the foundational teachings of dependent origination and the Four Seals of Dharma, and the correct view of reality, as well as the various vehicles of Buddhism. Khenpo says that ultimately our job is to attain the realization that liberates us from the torments of hope and fear. 

See all 4 parts of these amazing teachings here. 

Erik Pema Kunsang

Liberating the mind from within- Tag 1 Teil 1


Liberating the mind It is possible to be yourself in a deep, free and natural way. The common way of being yourself is most often to be carried away by impulses. We may not think about it in everyday life, but much behaviour is a continuation of habitual reaction patterns. These old patterns are associated with unnoticed uncertainty and anxiety. In this way, an inner uneasiness is rarely taken care of. When we become aware of this dilemma, it is natural to seek ways to free it, but we must find a way that works, so that there will not be an endless desert hike for solutions. At this course we will review four ways to be ourselves: the unconscious, the aspiring, the authentic and the transcendental. We work with simple instructions and our training is based on experienced understanding so that it becomes a true inner sanctuary. A free space to be relaxed, so intelligence, sensitivity, strength and creativity can unfold in all life situations. The course is based on the great master Jamgon Kongrul´s teaching and the oral explanations of Dzogchen master Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. Erik Pema Kunsang explains and guides in this wisdom tradition using contemporary words to teach authentic meditation, in a way that is directly applicable to both beginners and experienced. This retreat is for everyone interested. In the tradition of the Dzogchen masters Tulku Urgyen and Chokyi Nyima Rinpoches, Erik teaches in a way that combines an overview of life and the Buddha’s teachings with personal experience. Watch all 10 parts (4days) of this mind opening seminar here.

Meditation and compassion

Lama Thierry

The Buddhist mind training known as Lojong is a complete toolbox, full of easy-to-use exercises and methods to strengthen our compassion and bodhicitta.