Healing Meditation- Medicine Buddha

Lama Öser | 26. May 2022 to 28. May

Our mind carries an inherent potential of healing and resilience. 
This quality
Through meditation on the Medicine Buddha, we find access to this inherent healing quality and can use it for the benefit of ourselves and others. 
In Tibetan Buddhism, we practise Medicine Buddha to support and enhance the healing process in case of illness. In doing so, the person who is ill can turn to the Medicine Buddha themselves or someone else meditates for them. 
The most important thing is always to train the mind. We practise protecting the mind from disturbing and negative thoughts. The most effective healing method is to bring the mind into the state of love, compassion and wisdom. 

In an accessible, modern and traditionally rooted way, Lama Öser will introduce us to the meditation exercises in such a way that they can contribute to the improvement of health and give strength and relaxation in case of physical or mental illness.

Practicing Meditation together

for all levels

On the one hand, this weekend will be dedicated to traditional sadhana practice and recitation. On the other hand, Lama Öser will organise the days in such a way that even those who are not trained in recitation can find access to meditation and inner healing. 
The text that we recite together is very simple and straightforward, so that we can practise it at home at any time.

Therefore, this seminar is suitable for all of us, for experienced practitioners as well as for beginners who are exploring Buddhism and meditation for the first time.


The seminar starts on Thursday 26 May at 2:30pm and ends on
ends on Saturday at 4.30pm.

You are welcome to stay an extra night in Gomde and enjoy the spring festival with us the next day or help with the preparations and the festival. 


We ask that you support Gomde with a donation for your accommodation, food and the programme. 

A contribution of 200 euros would be helpful to cover the fixed costs. 

For the overnight stay from Saturday to Sunday the guideline is
40 Euros or help with the festival. 

If you want to give more, you make it possible for others who can give less to stay and for Gomde to continue and develop. 
If you can give less, please mention this in your registration.

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