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Mawey Senghe Practice retreat

January 1 - 13:00 - January 7 - 13:00

We all possess an innate intelligence that is deeper than we can imagine. The goal of the seminar is to recognize this wisdom. 

We are looking forward to an intensive week-long practice retreat under the expert guidance of Lama Öser. The sadhana practice of Vidyadhara Mawey Senge, which is part of the Chokling Tersar cycle of Lamey Tukdrub Barchey Künsel, is very similar to that of Trinley Nyingpo. Mawey Senge, which means “The Lion’s Roar” in Tibetan, is one of the 12 manifestations of Guru Rinpoche.

In this practice, Guru Rinpoche appears in the form of Mahapandita Mawey Senge, who is inseparable from his yidam Manjushri, the embodiment of enlightened wisdom and intelligence. In addition, Mawey Senge is surrounded by the four enlightened families of Manjushri and Saraswati.

The transmission lineage for this particular practice is extremely short. Therefore, it is particularly fresh and bestows powerful blessings. Thus, it is said that through this sadhana, dedicated practitioners will soon be able to meet Manjushri in person and experience the unfolding of sharp intelligence and wisdom.

During this week-long intensive practice retreat, you will have the opportunity to dive deeply into the practice of Mawey Senge. Lama Öser will explain many aspects of the practice, such as the general structure of a sadhana and mudras. With this knowledge it will be easier to quickly learn other sadhanas later on. 

Who can attend:

A prerequisite for this seminar is the Mawey Senge empowerment. This year we received this empowerment from Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche during the summer seminar. In addition, it would be good to have a basic understanding of Buddhist philosophy and practice, for example through a seminar with Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche or a weekend seminar with Lama Thierry. The focus this weekend will be on reciting the practice text, so some prior experience in sadhana practice would be very helpful. If you don’t have this prior experience but feel a strong interest in sadhana practice, please sign up anyway and let us know in the comments.

If you are interested in attending, please be sure to contact us in advance so we can discuss all the details of this intensive practice retreat.

The seminar starts in the afternoon of 1rst of January. We recommend arriving on 31rst of December to join the Sangh in the morning of first of January.
The retreat finishes on the 7th of January at lunch time.

We will be practicing between 4 and 5 sessions a day, with one teaching session.

You will be able to join the retreat as an “intensive” participant, joining all sessions, or in a more relaxed form, only joining a few sessions.

Your contribution
Suggested donation 450 Euro for full board, accommodation and seminar

This suggested donation covers fixed costs at Gomde. If you would like to give more, you can help others to participate, who have less. If you can not give this amount, please let us know beforehand: nanda@gomde.eu


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January 1 - 13:00
January 7 - 13:00
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