Dharma Summer days in Gomde

Ani Tsering Chötön, Ani Tenzin Sangmo, Lama Thierry | 16. July 2020 to 31. August

Program and Schedule


We are happy about everyone who uses this blessed place for their practice. In the morning the concise daily practice from the Thugdrub Barche Künsel is recited and Sangh is offered. After breakfast we practice the Sadhana of Parnashavari, a manifestation of Tara, which completely eliminates contagious diseases and negative emotions. Afterwards, the nuns from Nagi Gompa recite the Buddha's words and you are welcome to join and listen. In the afternoon, the Buddha's words are recited again and Lama Thierry gives instructions if necessary. In the late afternoon we practice Vajrakilaya and the Dharma protectors. After dinner there is a short meditation from Wednesday to Sunday with daily changing texts. The weekly open Monday meditation with Lama Thierry is offered on Monday and on Tuesday Lama Thierry teaches about Buddhist mind training, Lojong.

The daily practice schedule in Gomde looks like this:

7:30 am concise daily practice and Sangh

8:30 am breakfast

9:00 am Parnashavari practice

Recitation words of the Buddha

12:00 a.m. lunch

Recitation words of the Buddha

if necessary, Dharma discussion with Lama Thierry

5:00 p.m. Vajrakilaya and the Dharma protectors

7:00 p.m. Meditation (Monday and Tuesday with Lama Thierry, otherwise with the nuns)  

Karma Yoga

Small tasks to integrate into your practice

Become part of Gomde and learn to integrate Dharma practice into everyday life! With short tasks, such as helping out in the garden or cleaning the common rooms, you can practice mindful activity and quickly establish contacts with other people in Gomde.

Suggested donation

We kindly ask you to give a donation to Gomde for participating in our program. 

To cover fixed costs a donation of 55 Euros a day would be appreciated. 

If you wanted to give more, you would support Gomde’s development and enable someone else to join the program, who is not able to give that amount. 

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