Contemplative Days at the turn of the year

28. December 2022 to 5. January

Use the days around the turn of the year for inner reflection, contemplation, and meditation. 

We cordially invite you to spend Dharma Days in Gomde from 28.12- 05.01. and to use this quiet time to close the old year well and start the new one in a meaningful way. 

As usual, there will be only a relaxed program on Dharma days, with plenty of time for your practice, walks in the magical winter landscape, reading, and exchanging with others. 

We are happy about all who use this blessed place for their practice.


You can participate in the daily meditations at 7:30 and 17:00.  Be inspired by the daily life at the center, use the meditation rooms for your practice, enjoy the good Gomde food and dedicate yourself fully to your introspection. 

Following Rinpoche´s wish and advice, we will also re-watch recordings of Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche's fall seminar together as a group. 

The rest of the time, you can use it for introspection, contemplation, and your own practice. 

On the Dakini and Guru Rinpoche days of the Tibetan calendar, we practice Tsok. 

The fixed points during this period will look something like this:

- 7:30 short daily practice and Sangh

- 17:00 Vajrakilaya and the Dharma Protectors

- Daily, we will watch recordings of teachings by Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche together to inspire our practice. 

Following the example of our monastery in Nepal, this year, we will not celebrate the New Year in order to commemorate Tsikley Chokling Rinpoche. 

Karma Yoga

Daily help at the center as part of your practice

Become part of Gomde and learn to integrate the Dharma practice into everyday life!

The Gomde house team also uses the days around the turn of the year for introspection and own practice. 

Therefore, we ask you, especially during this time to help independently and responsibly with the dishes, in the kitchen, and in keeping the common rooms clean. 

By helping out this way, you can practice mindfulness, quickly connect with other people at Gomde and truly arrive at your spiritual home. 

Your contribution

We offer Gomde´s programs to anyone on a donation basis. 

We ask that you support Gomde with a donation for your accommodation, food, and program. 

A contribution of 65 Euros per day would be helpful to cover the fixed costs. 

If you want to give more, you will enable others who can give less to stay and Gomde to continue and develop.
If you can give less, please mention it in the registration form.

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