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Boundless Compassion Practice Weekend of Avalokiteshvara

May 10 - 13, 2018

Price: 180 Euro (suggested donation)incl. full board and single- or double room accomodation

Avalokiteshvara retreat, an intensive time for compassion. Buddha Avalokiteshvara (Sanskrit) or Chenrezig (Tibetan) is the embodiment of great compassion.

The Avalokiteshvara sadhana, which we will practice in this retreat was composed by the renowned yogi Thangtong Gyalpo (13851464 or 13611485), also known as Drubthob Chakzampa. He was a great scholar of Buddhism, a yogi, physician, smith, architect and a pioneer in the field of civil engineering. This sadhana is a powerful means to generate compassion for the six classes of beings. We rely on the supreme verbal expression of compassion, the mantra Om Mani Padme Hung. Though it may sound so simple to develop compassion for all sentient beings, it is extremely difficult to put it into practice. Only through compassion and bodhicitta, the awakened mind, which results from compassion, we are able to attain enlightenment for the welfare of all beings.

Price: Tuition fee for the retreat is by donation. The suggested donation is 180.- including meals and accomodation.
Beginning: Thursday 4 PM, later arrival possible.
Seminar end on Sunday after lunch.

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