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Rhunk you
Nagi Gompa Ngagso! Final Day!

A blessing beyond compare!
Rinpoche gave the precious teachings on Phowa for the first time, 25 years after his father Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche gave these teachings in Pharping. Read more...

Water Source Secured
At Gomde we celebrate not only the beginning of a new year but also the conclusion of a huge project: Gomde's water source has been secured! Read more...

Dharma Movie and Discussion
Wednesday September 6th at 7 pm in the Lhakang Read more...

Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche`s Birthday
We will be celebrating Chökyi Nyima Rinpoches birthday on Monday, 4th of September with the recitation of the Heart Sutra and the Dzogchen Mönlam. Read more...

Photos of the Spring Festival
he Spring Festival on mother’s day was a wonderful opportunity for many old and new friends to get together and enjoy Gomde. Read more...

Water Source Secured

Gomde's water source has been secured!

So, in short, for the next few decades, Gomde's water is now secure. It is flowing wonderfully and will supply countless practitioners.
As you can imagine, these inevitable investments in Gomde's future were not an easy task, many small obstacles had to be overcome on a daily basis and the biggest obstacle still needs to be hurdled: the invoice! We are all happy to do what we can to help out. Every donation to Gomde, no matter how small, now goes toward paying for this milestone. You are helping to provide the water necessary for Gomde and all the practitioners who will be here in the coming decades.
We have used 2.500 meters of water hose - a 15 Euro donation would pay for 1 meter of it! The big water tank cost 10.000 Euros, the smaller one 3.000 Euros and 35 arctic trucks full of gravel 10.000 Euros.

Commitment & Donations:

Rangjung Yeshe Gomde Austria
Raiffeisenbank Scharnstein
IBAN: AT203412780200111336

Imagine how many sacrificial bowls are filled with it, how many flowers are watered at the altar and how many countless living things will benefit from it. You could say that this is the biggest water offering you will ever make in your life! So please help Gomde pay off the bills incurred by this important project and start your year with a precious gift to further the blossoming of the center.


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